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Debt collection in Iceand
Focus on your business and leave the overdue accounts to us


International connections = one direct contact person and legal advisor with sharp FOCUS even when dealing with multinational transactions


In a small national market as Iceland, it is essential to have established co-operation with other professionals, both on international and domestic level.

The well established connections allow us, to provide first class service to large and medium sized companies together with private persons/individuals around the world.

International level


FOCUS Legal / FOCUS Collect is member of various associations and networks of lawyers around the world. That enables us to service our clients in most European jurisdictions and in fact worldwide through our well established connections that have been nurtured over the decades (stemming from 1957 from the initiative of the founder G.Jonsson  himself.

Domestic level


At a domestic level, we are in collaboration with  Atlas Lögmenn also located in Iceland. 


Thus, we were able to expand the range of business law in our office significantly with e.g. the inclusion of auditing and tax advice as well as further specialist attorneys in torts, real estate law and financing.

Personal attention


We provide a personal service. The co-operation with other specialists in the field of law and international associations gives our clients the benefit of having one direct contact person and adviser, for whom we remain directly responsible for our performance, even when it comes to multi-national transactions or legal disputes.


Outside support from colleagues within the field of law is always subject to our clients' approval.



Swift repsonse, transparency and blunt status reports, professional and honest advice for the sensible next step for our clients is the key factor of our service.

With the personal attention of your case manager, you will be provided with total transparency and enjoy complete control over your debt collection process.



Whether you are owed a small or large amount, have a single case or high volume, B2B or B2C, the team behind FOCUS Law Firm are at your service with the information needed and consultation before taking the next step.

Our clients can either make a special contract on a claim of default in payment or a fixed contract on debt collection. Client will receive regular updates on the status and progress of the claim along with advise on further procedures to enforce the claim.


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