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Leave the dispute to the local lawyer:

We specialize in defaulting payments from Iceland and national debtors attempting to abscond from their debts. We find them, reach them and try everything to implement immediate payment or settlement. It is well known that sometimes debts become overdue simply because of a misunderstanding of any kind.

Global debt recovery service:

FOCUS Legal - FOCUS Collect is your one stop shop when it comes to debt recovery of any kind. Amicable debt collection -legal debt collection - negotiation - settlements before court action or formal settlements to be registered before the Icelandic Courts and of course litigation and then enforcement service. FOCUS offers assistance with everything relating to enforcement of foreign judgments towards individuals and legal entities residing in Iceland.


The firm also has comprehensive experience and knowledge in handling other forms of debt collection.

Plus being specialists in settling matters towards Icelandic debtors we offer outstanding service in international debt collection to our clients wherever they are residing. FOCUS Law Firm is the sole Icelandic member of EuroCollectNet Lawyers (ECN), a unique international association of independent lawyers specialized in commercial law and debt recovery. The advantage of having only one contact dealing with debtors all over is obvious, and makes it easier for the client to stay focused on what matters. Just leave the hassle and legal matters to FOCUS, your loyal service provider and simply ask us for a status update!


Whether you are owed small or large amount, high volume or a single case,  B2B or B2C,  FOCUS Law Firm are at your service with the relevant information, advice, contacts and consultation before taking the next step.

International connections

FOCUS Law Firm is the Icelandic member of EuroCollectNet Lawyers (ECN), a unique international association of independent lawyers specialized in debt collections in Europe and beyond Europe. FOCUS is also listed on the collections law list American Lawyers Quarterly (ALQ). 

We value your time
Credit information Know your customer

We can supply credit reports within a day and more detailed background information regarding Icelandic legal entities, companies and individuals . Global risk and credit reports are also easy to obtain for you via our international connections. Practial for credit managers when an important and shift decision has to be made!

  • Credit reports
  • Claim watch
  • Lodging claims
  • Dealing with national liquidators

Swift response, transparency and blunt status reports, professional and honest advice for the sensible next step for creditors is the key factor of our service.


Single debt or many - B2B or B2C, FOCUS Law Firm is at your service. Just send us a line: stating the main facts and asking for the fee arrangement. Flexible solutions.

We can provide you with credit reports within 24 hours from the request is submitted and naturally amicable collection. We give an analysis of the case and if we recommend legal actions depending on the status of the debtor in question if amicable efforts do not suffice. Then there  is always possibile to establish a claim watch for creditors in case of insolvent debtors or debtors without registered assets, and evidently we lodge claims towards bankruptcy estates when needed.

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