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 Law Firm and Debt Collection Agency in Reykjavik 

Amicable Debt Recovery - Litigation- Enforcing of titled debts

- Settlements of Commercial Disputes

Need assistance with an overdue debt towards a company or a private person residing in Iceland?


for information and quotes

Tel: +354 517-2500

​​​Suðurlandsbraut 24, 2nd floor

108 Reykjavík


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FOCUS Lögmenn G.Jónsson & Partners have expanded

- New website is in progress. 


In 2018 the long established G. Jonsson & Partners (operating in the debt collection field since 1957) and FOCUS Logmenn (founded in 2014) have combined their work forces. experience and strong connections to be able to provide  their clients wider range of legal service. The company is located in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

The Focus at FOCUS Legal -  FOCUS Collect - former G.Jónsson & Partners

Business orientated boutique law firm with focus on international commerce, litigation, debt recovery and settlement agreements.

Contact us for further information on the service we can offer - that ranges from and not limited to: Amicable debt collection - dispute settlements and negotiation, formal installment plans facilitated before or during court procedure.


 Leave the matter to the local lawyer:


FOCUS Collect specializes in defaulting payments from Iceland and national debtors attempting to abscond from their debts. We find them,  reach them and resolve the dispute. It is well known that sometimes debts become overdue simply because of a misunderstanding and even lack of trust towards the debt collector. If not we take legal actions and obtain a judgment.

As a result we can offer you one personal contact and legal adviser at all stages when dealing with cross border transactions or legal disputes via our strong connections for instance with our fellow members in European Collectors Association (ECA). 

We treat debtors and opposing parties with due respect and aim to maintain good relationship between parties, when applicable.  Our goal is always to avoid time consuming court procedure when possible.


Reaching a reasonable settlement, realistic payment plan for both parties, that can be formally recorded before the Reykjavik District Court is often the most ideal result: Same effect as a judgment without all the waiting and (legal) cost that a court procedure entails, as we all know.


When obtaining a judgment is needed to extend  your claims that otherwise might be statute barred, we can act swiftly to secure your claim and extend it´s lifetime. 

Various services for small and medium sized companies as for private persons
  • Service for credit managers and others dealing with Icelandic companies:
  • Skip Tracing
  • Credit reports and asset location
  • Debt recovery service
  • Amicable collection
  • Legal collection
  • Litigation
  • Enforcement service


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