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Tel: +354 661 7345

​​Suðurlandsbraut 52

105 Reykjavík ICELAND


Full Legal Service

Commercial and Company law Debt collection 

Real estate law

Administrative law

Legal aspects of insolvency  Competition law

The Firm


Our activities focus mainly on commercial and company law, real estate law and administrative law.


We also specialize in defaulting payments and debtors attempting to abscond from their debt and provide debt recovery services to domestic and international clients.


KSO Law Firm is the Icelandic member of EuroCollectNet Lawyers (ECN), a unique international association of independent lawyers specialized in debt collections in Europe and beyond Europe.


Service for creditors
  • Amicable collection
  • Legal collection
  • Credit reports - KYO
  • Claim watch - in case of insolvent debtors 


Professional & Personal


One personal contact and legal adviser even when dealing with multi-national transactions or legal disputes. Outside support from colleagues is naturally always subject to the clients approval. 


Compliance with local legislation and all international business standards is guaranteed.



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